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Chicago’s economy is fueled by growth in retail, food service, hospitality and healthcare. But too many people working in these hourly service jobs can’t keep up with unpredictable, last-minute fluctuating workweeks over which they have no control. These practices have caused profound insecurity for working families, making it difficult to predict income from week to week, make time to for school or care for children. Working families deserve a fair workweek, with enough hours at decent pay to support our families, keep healthy and build thriving communities.

It’s up to us to hold our aldermen accountable to pass common-sense policy that has delivered reliable work hours in New York City, Seattle and Oregon. Take a stand for a #FairWorkweekCHI by contacting your Chicago alderman today.

To: Chicago City Council  From: [Your Name]

I urge you to support Chicago’s Fair Workweek ordinance that would give working families enough reliable work hours at decent pay to support our families, keep healthy and build thriving communities.

Our workforce is increasingly made up of parents, students and working people who are available to work, but don’t get the hours they need to meet the basics. Unpredictable hours, short-notice shift changes, and unpaid on-call time are outdated scheduling practices that hurt working families and block our economic progress. More than 48% of Chicago working families have little to no input into their daily work schedules. Another 44% get less than one week’s notice of work hours, so they scramble to plan childcare, delay doctor visits, and can’t budget to pay their bills. Nearly half of workers need more work hours just to stay afloat, but companies keep hiring new staff instead of giving them the chance to work full time. Big corporations have shifted the costs of doing business on to frontline working people, and it’s hurting our community.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Other cities have updated their laws to provide a fair workweek in the service sector by requiring employers to give existing part-time workers a chance to earn more before hiring new staff, fairly compensate us for our flexibility in accommodating last-minute schedule changes, and ensure healthy rest between shifts.

We can do it here too. We are all counting on you to vote for Chicago’s Fair Workweek ordinance.